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Jan 17, 2010 10:30am EST
united states government along with other governments effectively dealing with the food shortage, the information shortage, the water shortage, the, you know, the security situation. which want to be around to help on the rebuilding aspects of this. the lesson i've learned on all the crises or catastrophes during my presidency was people want to help. that's why when the president asked me to join with bill to create a mechanism where they could help, i was happy to do so. by the way it happens to be a clinton-bush haiti fund dot-org. >> schieffer: is there a structure in place, i would ask both of you, to ensure that this money gets to the people? i mean, how can people be certain that this money is going to to the people? >> right now, it's interesting you say that because when the u.n. system broke down after, you know, our headquarters was destroyed there and i was working for the u.n., i set up an emergency fund on my website just to stand for them. right now, we know who is down there and who is good. we just... anybody gives us money now we're going to flow it right throug
Jan 31, 2010 10:30am EST
batteries instead of being made in asia will be made in the united states by u.s. workers. for us that's a huge opportunity. not just to put people back to work but to transform our economy as well. >> schieffer: let me just shift slightly here and go back to something that all of you have mentioned. that was this election of scott brown. what do you think that means for republicans, senator barbour? after all, this is not mississippi-style republican that got elected. he's fairly liberal on some issues. >> he's very much a moderate republican. i thrill it's a reminder to republicans that we don't need purity. we need to elect the best people we can elect. scott brown is the best senator for massachusetts. but you're right. he certainly is not as conservative as i am. that's healthy and good. what does it mean? i hope what it means is since the democrats can't get 60 votes on a partisan basis in the senate, they will quit trying to ram stuff down the country's throat on a 60-vote partisan vote. i hope that's what it means. if it does it will really not only have been a volcano in terms o
Jan 10, 2010 10:30am EST
, they form the core of people who want to attack the united states. it's a national security homeland security issue. >> schieffer: diane fine steen, what about that, that we shouldn't release anybody to a country where there's an al qaeda presence. do you go along with that. >> i tend to agree with that actually. if you look at yemen-- and we're taking a good look at yemen-- what you see is i think at least 24 or 28 are confirmed returns to the battlefield in yemen. there are a number of suspected. if you combine the suspected and the confirmed, the number i have is 74 detainees have gone back into the fight. i think that's bad. here's the reason. they come out of gitmo and they are heroes in this world. this world is the only world that's going to really be accepting of them. therefore, the tendency is to go back. i think the gitmo experience is not one that leads itself to rehabilitation candidly. i think it leads to.... >> schieffer: let me ask, do you think that maybe we just ought to keep gitmo open for a while and not release anybody or at least put them in some other
Jan 3, 2010 10:30am EST
something that historically the united states has never done. in world war ii we had the german saboteurs come ing into this country fdr ordered them tried by a secret military tribunal. they were executed month layer. we've decided, this administration has decided, that we're going to give them a full range of constitutional and procedural protections and allow them to be treated as ordinary criminal defendants. that's going to be a major issue picking up on what bob said of how we're going to kind of have this tension between the rule of law and rights for these people while we're also waging war. we're going to be holding them, giving them these full range of constitutional rights while we're stepping up drone attacks and trying to kill their counterparts. >> schieffer: david martin, the one thing we haven't gotten to so far is afghanistan. we're getting ready to send troops over there. if the congress approves the money to ship them over there. what does the pentagon expect over there this year? will we see some change in afghanistan? >> there's no question that 30,000 more troops are
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)